Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England

I checked my mail today, like any other day, with my hot coffe in hand, I walked across the crisp new snow that had just fallen from the night before.  As I opened my mailbox, to my surprise a fresh, crisp package was awaiting my arrival. As I looked to see who it was from the name Grace Ormonde stuck out like a sore thumb. I immediately put down my coffee and ripped open the envelope to see a beautiful, brand new 2013  Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England Magazine staring me right in the eyes. My heart nearly stopped as I hastily flipped through the pages to see if they had published my work from our shoot together in the Fall. Page after page i became more and more impatient and my excitement started to turn to disappointment.  And then, there it was, in all it’s beauty, a gorgeous, two page spread containing my photos of the mock wedding set up at the Equinox Hotel in Manchester VT.  We are so proud to add Grace Ormonde Wedding Style New England Magazine to our “Published” list! What an honor! I may have to cut this out and frame it for the office!




Little Red

Needless to say, Halloween is one of the most fun times of year. The one day that you have free reign to escape reality, I struggle with who I want to be every year. Pulling far away from the mainstream Halloween costumes, such as sexy grasshopper, or naughty bank robber, I rather enjoy engrossing myself in something more. So this year I decided to pull my red cape out from under the bed, and go off on an adventure to Granny’s house! But my story of Little Red Riding Hood ends much differently than it does in the books…..

Tree Tops and Chainsaws Part 1

It made me dizzy even looking up at derek blowing around in those trees, I found myself in awe as he climbed even higher and higher to the top. With the wind blowing a good 40 mph, tree’s dancing and swaying 5 feet to the left or right, tree tops falling, crashing onto the ground, and a camera hanging around my neck, i knew this was going to be an interesting endevor.